Investigation Procedures



WPI does not seek financial gain to investigate anything paranormal.  We Hunt the Truth to whatever your claim may be. We will investigate claims of paranormal activity, local urban legends, unidentified aerial phenomenon or anything that seems that is not of our everyday world. 




First Contact
Contact us. Share your paranormal claims with us with 100% confidentiality here.  We call it first contact because we don't know your claims.  We need you to be as specific as you can with claims, witnesses, days, dates and times.  Having photos, videos or audio would be a bonus for us to analyze.



Interview Process
You will receive a reply from one of our team members within 48 hours. We will need to ask some questions. We need you to answer these questions as honestly as possible, no matter how strange you think it may sound.  We are very critical about our interview process by crossing every 't' before saying a location is eligible for an investigation. 


If WPI thinks your case is eligible for an investigation, we can schedule a day to investigate your location with the paranormal claims. 



Revealing Evidence
Since this is not TV, we do not investigate, analyze data and sit down with you in a weeks time.  Researching the paranormal is a long process by going over frame-by-frame evidence in real time.  If we happen to find any signs of the paranormal, we begin to research to find out the answers before revealing to you what has been captured.  This process can take from 3-4 weeks.


These are our rules & regulations


1.  The team will arrive and depart the investigation site at the same time.

2.  Say a prayer prior to the start of each investigation.

3.  WPI will not conduct seances, use Ouija boards, or utilize psychics/mediums for investigative tactics. Scientific equipment is used to conduct investigations and document results.

4.  Survey the area prior to the investigation by conducting a walk-through. This will give ample time to set-up equipment and check for conditions which could create false positives. Also look for any manmade power sources which could create false EMF readings.

5.  Always set-up a controlled environment when possible. Monitor everything humanly possible and know investigator locations at all times.

6.  Always do preventative maintenance on equipment prior to and after investigations. Check and clean your camera lens before and during an investigation. Maintain and calibrate all other equipment weekly and assure all batteries are fully charged and/or stocked.

7.  Unless a special situation calls for it, do not investigate alone. Try to remain in teams of 2 or more people.

8.  No smoking on investigations. This may create false ecto-mists in photography and film.

9.  Maintain a positive attitude during an investigation and refrain from using inappropriate language. These may create negative influences or impact the places/people involved in the investigation.

10. Each team should always use a digital voice recorder for documention/EVP�s and, in addition, one notepad in which to document. One should verbally dictate into the recorder and another should write the date, time, name(s) and location whenever the situation or event calls for it. One shall always verbally dictate and another write the following:

   a. Natural noises.

   b. Background noises.

   c. Names of people talking, whispering, coughing, etc.

   The person responsible for the digital voice recorder should try to remain as still as possible for session periods and refrain from tapping, rubbing or otherwise inappropriately handling the device.

11. We do not recommend taking photographs or shooting video in these situations unless specifically requested:

   a. Adverse weather conditions (rain, snow, high winds, and fog).

   b. Dusty roads.

   c. Highly reflective surfaces.

   Though some things such as mirrors, windows and tombstones may appear in photos or on film, there is the possibility that all these situations may create false anomalies which can be easily debunked and thrown out.

12. No use of illegal substances or alcoholic beverages before or during an investigation.

13. To prevent bad photography, all camera straps must be placed around the neck, tethered or removed completely before pictures are taken. Long hair and fingers must also be kept away from the lens during operation.

14. Any area that WPI investigates will be treated with respect, and vandalism or any type of destruction of property is strictly prohibited.

15. No trespassing onto private property, which also includes entering cemeteries or any area with posted regulations, unless permission is obtained from the proper parties.

16. Always use new tapes for video recorders when recording. Reusing tapes could degrade any possible audio or video evidence.

17. Do not apply heavy amounts of perfumes/cologne before or during an investigation. Ghosts or spirits may make their presence known by emitting certain scents.

18. If an apparition is sighted try to remain calm, communicate and take photographs if at all possible; but should you ever find yourself in a situation you cannot handle, walk away calmly and do not run.

19. All clients and any additional witnesses involved will be interviewed about their claims and experiences.

20. We will always look for natural explanations before concluding that situations may be paranormal.

21. We will examine every natural possibility first and go in with a skeptical mind, but still remain open to the possibilities. We will not jump to conclusions.

22. Any evidence captured will be presented to the client in strict confidentiality, unless permission is otherwise granted for public showing.

23. Any member of WPI caught falsifying evidence will be immediately dismissed from the group.

24. Any member of WPI involved in aggravated or elevated amounts of horseplay will be immediately dismissed from the group.

25. No one under the age of 18 will be considered for membership into WPI.


Message from WPI Founder


 Though it is not an exact science, WPI believes in the scientific approach of paranormal investigating. I am not personally involved in any form of paganism or witchcraft, nor do I participate in any religion other than Christianity, nor do any other current team members.