Photo & Video Evidence


What you are about to view is what WPI Hunts the Truth believes to be of paranormal nature captured on our digital camera and/or HD digital cam.  The digital photo and/or video files captured and analyzed have not been altered or enhanced in any way.  we strongly urge the viewer to make their own personal decision on what they see. Our intentions are not to make a skeptic a believer or a believer not to consider being skeptical. Paranormal investigating and the equipment used in the field is not an exact science.



How Our Page Works:

If we capture something on our digital video recorders and/or digital cameras we will post it here for you to view. We suggest that you always look at these pictures or videos with an open mind.

With photographs, most people will typically post the original and then a copy that is blown-up, circled, highlighted, etc. We do not do that here as it may jeopardize the quality of the image and the anomaly that we are intending for you to view. We will attempt to explain the best we can of where in the image the viewer should be looking. Once the photograph is open on your computer you may zoom in and out at your liking.

Bigfoot Encounters

The Kettle Moraine (Video/Audio)

SE Wisconsin

2013 - 2015



Bigfoot Encounters

The Kettle Moraine (Photographs)

SE Wisconsin

2013 - 2015

UFO Activity

UFO Sighting

Downtown Crystal Lake

Crystal Lake, IL


Ghostly Activity

Ghost Phenomenon

Old St. Patrick's Cemetery

Wadsworth, IL


Ectoplasm (Image)
This image could be what some would consider in these modern times as ectoplasm. This is of a "light" pattern as opposed to the telekenetic-physical form of ectoplasm.
We immediately tried to debunk the mist as a a hair strand from the investigator or a camera strap.  Each instance was  debunked and we believe this is paranormal in nature.


Black Mist (Image)
The above image seems to be a black mist forming at the top of the picture. We immediately tried to debunk the mist as a finger, a brim of a cap or the investigator moving camera to quickly.  Each instance has been debunked and has left us with a mystery. It's paranormal in nature.




Old St. Patrick's Cemetery

Wadsworth, IL


Classic Orb Photograph (False Positive Image)
It's what most people call a ghost "orb" picture.
Orbs are believed to be the energy using the easiest form of travel, which would be in the shape of a sphere. The 'orb' picture is the most common ghost picture taken today. They are in about 99.9% of photos analyzed.   However, these orbs can be easily dismissed as moisture, dust or insects. In this case the orbs in this image is moisture as we were outside on a brisk night and it had recently rained. It can easily be reproduced. The reason we explain this is so that you may compare it to the next photo, which we believe to be an actual orb which is paranormal in nature.

Shooting Orb (Image)
This orb near the left side of the image is a nice, white, solid and perfectly circular orb. It also has a tail which shows movement as it comes from out of the ground! We have had this photo analyzed by going outside the team and having it validated. We can not explain this orb. Natural Phenomena or Paranormal?




The Treasure Chest 

Plainfield, WI


The following are unexplainable shadow formations on two photographs taken in the basement of adjacent property. Both photographs share the same shadow on the right side, where the second also includes a shadow on the left side. Upon trying to recreate the anomalies, we could not find a way to recreate these same shadows by any means with the same equipment.

Bldg. B Basement Photo: 1 Shadow (Image)

Bldg. B Basement Photo: 2 Shadows (Image)




Rhode Opera House 

Kenosha, WI


WPI uses a 4-camera DVR system to visually record throughout the whole night and early morning for each and every investigation.  This piece of evidence was captured on Camera 3 located on the South wall in the backstage basement where an EVP was captured later in the investigation. WPI uses two team members in command to view the monitor as if they were in that room.  Allen noted in the log book at 21:59 pm a white object flew past the bottom right hand corner on Camera 3.  Note: All camera movements being viewed are in real time.  However, the DVR System records onto the drive at 30 frames per second thus not real time.  What you will see is a momentary blip in the bottom right hand corner.  But slowed down, you can see faintly where it first appeared (point A) and within milliseconds of the solid blip (point B).