WPI Hunts the Truth was established in March 2007 by Jay and his wife Katie due to their love and passion of the paranormal.



"Katie and I were both so intrigued by the paranormal evidence we've seen in our lives.  Ghosts, UFOs and Unknown Creatures. We took an interest in researching as a husband/wife team in 2006".

In later March 2007, we founded The Wisconsin Paranormal Investigators while networking with some friends that shared the similar passion. We all believe there is more to our everyday normal lives. Do ghosts really exist? Are those lights in the sky just a plane? Is there really an 8' tall undiscovered primate hiding from everybody? Is all this simply suggestive thought or mass hysteria?  We needed to find the answers for ourselves and share what we know with other like kind researchers. This is how our mission Hunt the Truth was born.

We combined our organizations acronym and our mission statement  to simplify who we are and what we do.  We are  WPI Hunts the Truth. 



What does HUNT the TRUTH mean?

To determine What is Normal and What is Paranormal by using technology and approaching each situation scientifically while being 100% skeptical.


The true definition of the word


The word paranormal is a general term that designates experiences that lie outside "the range of normal experience or scientific explanation"or that indicates phenomena understood to be outside of science's current ability to explain or measure. The ghost phenomenon is the most recognized to this word but the world is filled with other  paranormal events.


What do we investigate and research?

Every corner of the paranormal, because if it's odd in nature, we want to know the truth. We investigate and research fringe science, unknown creatures, urban legends, unidentified aerial phenomena, conspiracy theories and the ghost phenomena.  We are on an on-going investigation of a decade long 'unsolved mystery'.  The mystery of several young college men drowning in the Mississippi River www.hiddentruthproductions.com.  So if it's paranormal in nature, WPI Hunts the Truth will investigate behind the claims.



Have you experienced anything out of

the norm, something paranormal?







It's about
I am not satisfied with just an 'encounter' while researching the paranormal because I'm out in the field regularly and know it's real. That's a pretty bold statement from something you've just read on the internet but it is real. I can't tell you what I've actually encountered though because I don't have all the answers.  I've seen my share of UFOs, Ghosts and even had an encounter with (what I believe) was a bi-pedal hairy hominid. But yet, I'm not satisfied with just the experience itself because it doesn't answer what it is I'm seeing or experiencing.  I know what I've encountered is real but what exactly is it? I am not out to prove to the world what is real and what isn't because you don't know me and why listen to everything you read on the internet, Bonjour, right?  Since we can't believe everything that's on the internet or TV  is  the reason I study the paranormal in the field and not from the couch. "The only way to Hunt the Truth is if you're out there".  I am not in this for fame or fortune. I'm in this for finding the answers.  While encounters or experiences are cool, it's not what I'm searching for. Bottom line it's just me, my passion and the truth.

JAY BACHOCHIN - WPI Hunts the Truth Founder