October 28th, 2011 • January 28th, 2012 • March 16th, 2012


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This video was created by Slimpictures: Scott Markus and Jeff McClane.

Guests - Scott, Ursula and Jeff use a spirit box and dowsing rods during their investigation shift. Please note that WPI does not use or support these pieces of equipment during our paranormal investigations. WPI would like to thank Scott Markus and Jeff McClane for creating and sharing this video with WPI.


Jason Green of The IL Beach Resort

Jay Bachochin • Allen Dunski, Jr. • Freddy Skuban • Bryan Meisinger



Jay Bachochin (Founder • Case Manager • Lead Investigator)


The Paranormal Guests



Allen Dunski, Jr. (Lead Investigator • Tech Manager)



The Paranormal Guest with Marco Geurts & Kim Hall of IL Beach Resort



Amanda Ross (Investigator)


Guest Speaker Scott Markus of Voices from the Grave



Guest Speaker Ursula Bielski of Chicago Ghost Tours



Guests investigating the paranormal in one of the hotel rooms.



Guests have experienced the paranormal at The Resort, but at this moment people really feel what it's like to professionally investigate.